Tips and suggestions for a beer release

Speed exhibited until the end of the day that in our lives most of us have a strong nervous tension, stress and fatigue. To get rid of an emotional burden, imprisoned for a day, some people to relax in the evenings with a beer bottle. Because such a low alcohol drink is relaxing, and the thirst of the soul increases, but does not, the residual of the syndrome in the morning, some drink every day starts. Finally the beer itself is invisible to a person alcoholic. For a beer to get rid of this harmful addiction, you have to throw every day. Our article you will learn how to do this.

problem alcohol beer

Problem alcohol beer

A bottle of beer to drink on a regular basis, an addiction to drink for the skin of the body three times faster than guilt or vodka. Beer called such a dependency, alcoholism, is a statement that at least all the experts agree.

The main problem that lies is a person, you consume beer on a regular basis, does not accept his addiction, alcoholism and problem. He believes – I drink beer, but I mean it's not an incomplete job doesn't get drunk a hangover syndrome and alcoholism. He's a drinker normally like this, I would argue, if I wanna drink, don't drink, I mean, he believes, melanoma in complete control of your own request to this drink.

However, already the first symptoms will occur on the basis of the regular use of beer, it can be argued that this isn't a pernicious habit, a person that is addicted to life. Here are some of them:

  • beer you consumed on a regular basis, male body fat accumulate in the abdominal area, the so-called beer belly;
  • the risk of taking any alcohol transported by hand tremor;
  • the guy is aggressive;
  • in men with potency problems that appear;
  • a broken memory;
  • I want to sleep or relax, have a beer, it is not possible to do without it.

The effect on the body beer

At first glance, normal drinking beer – it is a dangerous job, intake, vodka or wine. The concept of this beer, not 40% alcohol vodka. But, however, still present and alive alcohol a negative effect on her body.

I want to know what, if you drink any alcohol, I mean beer every day? If fermentation and putrefaction products, alcohol (methanol, aldehydes, good fats, etc.) that is regularly used and irritated mucous membranes, digestive system, inevitably the following symptoms:

  • digestive disorders;
  • it may seem gastritis or ulcer;
  • it will be inevitable heartburn;
  • related to the chair may occur frequently;
  • visible, weakness;
  • fall performance;
  • a person may be depressed mood, depression;
  • a metallic taste in the mouth, or the feeling of pain that can be felt;
  • stomach the violence.

Almost all of the comments considered to be a normal condition because of output of beer the alcohol beer liver problems. Because the liver produces enzymes engaged in the recycling of ethanol and essential, constantly drink, the body quickly it produces, and its source. At the end it destroys and poisons potent substances quickly. Such people have a predisposition for inflammatory diseases of this organ, hepatitis C or cirrhosis.

Because beer is a diuretic, increases the load on the kidneys, three times. During this process, however, more frequent urination, washed the body of essential vitamins, micro and macro elements: potassium, magnesium, vitamin C deficiency may cause the body to not function in their heart, weak legs, decreased immunity, mood swings and irritability. Not to get, vascular sclerosis, kidney, heart attack, stroke and organ, chmielna exact drink to be consumed.

Stop drinking beer every day at least a valid reason, its effect on the cardiovascular system. The beer are absorbed quickly and causes overflow of blood blood vessels, which may be at the end of the following diseases:

  • varicose veins;
  • shortness of breath;
  • arrhythmia;
  • coronary artery disease;
  • stroke.
the effect on the body beer

But that's not all. The following information will get you started when you found out I want to go have a beer forever. The concept of this drink plant progesterone analog – to- female sex hormone. As it turns out, hop cones beer a bitter taste and attached. If a man can stop drinking beer every day, over time these hormones is disrupting the endocrine system and their causes to him:

  • the production of testosterone suppression;
  • hair, face and body in the in such men is reduced;
  • increase, nappies;
  • Nov mass is reduced;
  • in the region, accumulated fat deposits in the waist and hips;
  • changing the tone;
  • sperm count and the quality is significantly reduced;
  • it may seem impotence, infertility, or prostate.

As the roads get rid of

If a person understood that, depending on their habits and wants to get rid of all malignancy, the question arises, how to drink a beer every day. Help ourselves first, because such a dependence on the medication and often deal with without help from a psychiatrist. For this follow the instructions below:

  1. First, drinking beer, reduce the start dose in the evening drunk. For example, if I had to work after to reduce the volume of liquor drunk liters doubled. Also useful to reduce the frequency, if he drank every day before, now with a small dose to eat. So you can gradually reduce the dose and increase the range of a complete failure as alcohol.
  2. You can try a beer instead of a drink for example a soda with the same name. Approach it as you can spare some beans or nuts, and beverage will get into the hands to distract the thoughts.
  3. To make it easier for a truce, beer drinking to be a strong motivation. For some, this fear for their own health, the harm that can be for someone – children, love and family.
  4. A familiar important change in lifestyle. If so, I walked over to the bar after work before friends, now, instead, go to a gym or pool. Family walk in the evenings, or an entertainment center. Too tired after work and no power, to do sports or go somewhere to find the ideal home for an interesting hobby.
  5. Work, read, and skipping the ads foam drinks, by our media, which persistently full. Drinkers avoid the Society of friends. Not finding everyone smokes better, chat with them.
  6. Do piggy bank, where we will be spending the amount of Stack is usually a beer after work. Keeping yourself on the hand for a long time, and reward efforts to piggy bank to collect a more substantial sum.
  7. Beer used to relax the body, the first a depressant and sedative drugs, and nervous system relaxation time at folk remedies can be taken. This will also remove the psychological stress and discomfort may appear in the background that don't leave alcohol.

Tips for women

This is amazing, but girls and women bitter beer alcoholism. Therefore, the question applies, such as a stop for a beer and some representatives of the beautiful sex. Usually, you can use different methods for this:

  • It's a psychological technique. A significant difference, why do you want to overcome the harmful habit. If such a dependency on a piece of paper to list all the negative effects. It is also useful to reveal the cause often drink beer. Analyze, then in any event you drink sparkling glass pulls. This globe helps you to understand which life does not satisfy you the way to change alcohol.
  • Public methods. There are many herbs with which it is possible to get rid the beer. Letting some alcohol to cleanse your body of toxins, and other shapes to get disgusted with alcoholic beverages.
  • Medicated who will help methods, you can deal with yourself is a problem. Also, if you can get a better effect to use the encoding methods and psychological rehabilitation at the same time.

Regularly drinking beer and a girl wants to get rid of this addiction, psychologists, advice, do the following:

treatment methods
  1. Yourself is a motivation. For example, a bed wall hanging with a photo of the model imagine you would be a nice figure. Regularly saving in terms of reach and volume of body weight. And remember, beer is just a dream zoom makes this an excellent figure.
  2. Fear can force drinking. If you examine in detail, nor has a negative effect, alcohol the body's energy, you will want a suicide, this harmful habit.
  3. For the delay and to make yourself happy is more enjoyable. You will be surprised and you have a lot of money previously spent on alcohol.
  4. To check as caution. Thoughts about beer, it's another thing to try. To see an interesting movie, read a book, knit the teams.
  5. Take a good look, a good bottle of beer with the representative of the beauty and the sex note in hand, looks rough and women.